Blue Ribbon's Home Warranty Coverage

Electrical Contract Language

Electrical: Main panel, sub panels, breakers, switches, outlets, wiring, ground fault interrupters, junction boxes, exhaust fans, doorbell and garage door opener. Excluded: Lighting fixtures, ceiling and attic fans, intercom, burglar, smoke and fire alarms, chimes, low voltage lighting controls, garage door, springs, tracks, transmitter and security touch pad. Dedicated electrical associated with excluded items is excluded.

Note: If you have any duplicate systems and/or need additional items covered and/or want our plan upgrades, you'll need to Add them to the silver or gold plan, or chose our platinum plan which includes all Gold Plan items plus Blue Ribbon Premier Upgrade, Preventive Maintenance check and cleaning, a second garage door opener and your choice of three items from additional items list on application form. Note: Hot tub, pool or the combination, each count as two additional items. Call us for price on new construction or for pricing on duplex, triplex, fourplex property and multi-family units.

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