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Plumbing: Leaks or breaks in water, waste, vent or gas lines, angle stops, risers, gate valves, shower and tub valves, toilet mechanisms, wax ring seal, stoppage in interior drain, waste and vent lines, permanently installed sump pumps, built-in bathtub whirlpool (drain and fill) motor and pump assemblies, garbage disposal and water heater. When necessary water heater replacement will be with like capacity up to 50 gallons. Excluded: Plumbing fixtures (faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, enclosures and base pans), caulking and grouting, stoppage in incoming water lines, water flow restriction caused by chemical or excessive mineral deposits, insufficient or excessive water pressure, pressure regulators, on demand systems, main sewer line, water softener, septic tanks, sewage ejector pumps, circulating pumps, sprinkler systems, saunas, steam rooms, timers, collapsed pipes, polybutylene lines or abs (manufactured in the mid 1980's) plastic piping, tanks (oil, pressure, expansion, storage or sidearm unit, etc.), sedimentary buildup, hose bibs or blockages caused by foreign matter. Dedicated plumbing associated with excluded items also is excluded.

Ducted Air Conditioning System, Evaporative Cooler or Whole House Fan: Compressors, condensers, motors, thermostats, and freon leaks. Note: Coverage on the air conditioner or evaporative cooler is contingent upon receipt of Company approved inspection report done while unit is up and running. If Company approved inspection has not been performed please call Company to schedule inspection (cost $55). Inspections done May through October, weather permitting. Excluded: Freon and freon recapture, conversion, condenser casings, roof jacks, stands, registers, filters, electronic air cleaners, gas air conditioners, window and wall units that are not ducted. Note: If the company determines that the air conditioning unit must be replaced, the Company will replace with comparable unit meeting current federal, state and/or local government efficiency standards, plus it will be green/star energy rated.

Note: If you have a duplex, triplex, fourplex property or multi-family units, that shares common equipment, please call our office (303) 986-3900 #2 or Toll Free (800) 571-0475 #2 to discuss coverage and pricing option. Ask to speak to our application department manager, Mr. Prangle or Application Department.

Heating Systems: Gas, electrical, electrical perimeter heating, baseboard convectors, hot water system, burners, thermostats, motors, gas valves and relays. Note: Dual pack or Heat pump (air, water, or ground geothermal) is covered if plan includes heating and cooling system coverage. Excluded: Heat exchanger not covered for the first 30 days (Buyer or Investor only) waived if Company approved inspection report has been turned in, portable units, wall units (that are not main source of heat to the home), filters, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, registers, tanks (oil, pressure, expansion, storage or sidearm unit, etc.), purging, steam systems, glycol filled systems, stoppages in water lines, water flow restrictions, chemical or mineral deposits, baseboard casings, fireplaces and key valves.

Note: If you have any duplicate systems and/or need additional items covered and/or want our plan upgrades, you'll need to Add them to the silver or gold plan, or chose our platinum plan which includes all Gold Plan items plus Blue Ribbon Premier Upgrade, Preventive Maintenance check and cleaning, a second garage door opener and your choice of three items from additional items list on application form. Note: Hot tub, pool or the combination, each count as two additional items. Call us for price on new construction or for pricing on duplex, triplex, fourplex property and multi-family units.

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