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Our complimentary pre-inspection is provided as part of the warranty coverage before it goes into effect. An inspection identifies any pre-existing conditions and allows you to make repairs on items that you'd like included in the warranty coverage.

A non-refundable deposit fee of $75 is required but it will be applied/credited to the total cost of the plan upon purchase. The inspection is provided to the homeowner (not selling, moving or relocating) and your rental property or property manager. If the weather prevents inspection of certain items: i.e., air conditioner, roof, etc., the item can be inspected at a later date when the weather permits for an additional fee. The inspection may not apply for some areas.

Exterior Inspection Items

Interior Inspection Items

Selling your property?

Most buyers get inspections before the deal closes these days. For some loans, and in some states, they are required. And nothing is worse than having an inspection done in which the buyer is either scared off by the list of problems, or has a list a mile long of things that need to be addressed prior to closing. Getting a pre-inspection means knowing what the big issues are and taking care of them up front. This means taking problems off the table for buyers for which they can further negotiate, increasing buyer confidence, and you stay in control of the cost and timing of needed repairs. Getting blind-sided with a list of problems in addition to everything else going on with a move is frustrating.

Our pre-inspection is provided only at the beginning of the listing period and/or when the property goes on the market. It is not available for properties under contract or getting ready to close. The inspector will inspect all the home's mechanical systems, appliances, plus any duplicate systems. This value is worth $100 + dollars by itself, and it is FREE, as long as the selected coverage the seller and/or listing agent is purchased. If the pre-inspection is not done, then everything else is covered, except the heating and/or cooling system. Unknown pre-existing defects of the home warranty covered items are included, provided the defect could not have been detected through normal operation, maintenance and/or a home inspection.

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